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Unlock organizational alignment across product and engineering teams

The DevGrid platform is your daily, go-to view of your software engineering projects and daily operations. 

Unmatched in our reporting altitude, breadth, and depth, we’re the single platform that helps you proactively engage with your team and ensure they have what they need to deliver on their engineering objectives.

Top Features

Engineering enablement built for developers, streamlined for leadership

Unified Platform

Get full visibility with unmatched engineering management reporting. DevGrid goes beyond delivery performance and provides insights into inventory, finance, and throughput to ensure your applications, systems, and teams can deliver on their promise.

Intelligent Performance Management

DevGrid’s scoring intelligence capabilities integrate all of your KPIs for a cohesive, streamlined assessment of performance. AI-driven alerts and actionable recommendations give you data-driven next steps for performance improvement.

Cross-Functional Business Reporting

With engineering leadership attuned to the ground level of how their teams are doing, everyone is put in a position to thrive. DevGrid enables developers to champion strategic roadmaps and c-suite leaders to stay in lockstep with go-to-market plans.

Simplified Compliance

DevGrid’s streamlined and comprehensive reporting simplifies compliance, due diligence, auditing, and security functions for your team— offering a panoramic peace of mind for the mission-critical items.


Everything you need to set your software engineering team up for success


DevGrid’s unified view of all application data — and actionable suggested next steps — quickly equip you with the information you need to build a streamlined and solution-driven technology suite.

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Application Portfolio Management

Simplified reporting and visibility allow you to know the status of deliverables without disrupting your team.

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Engineering Success

DevGrid eliminates your knowledge gaps so you can make the decisions that your engineers need for optimal performance.

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Team Management

Gain robust and immediate data and insight into how your teams are executing — all from a single view.

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Enterprise Architecture

See how everything is interconnected, what data goes where, and the resources that depend on it to identify gaps and reduce complexity.

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